Photography, whether still or motion, provides the framework for all modern visual communication. Bill has always “thought” with his eyes - he sees like a photographer, composes with a sense of graphic design and imagines like a copywriter/art director. He is utterly passionate about the images he builds and nurtures.

There are many reasons to pick one photographer over another. Style? Personality? Experience? Methodology? A great way to make the right choice begins with the right image. Powerful photographs solve the most challenging communication problems. Bill’s nuanced photographic approach minimizes visual complexity and clutter to frame and focus message content.

The images above are from a self-assignment that Bill undertakes on a regular basis. Examining, exploring, the intimate details of ordinary, unseen items is a personal passion of his. 

Sometimes it is just fun to play with alternate concepts. Below is an animation about color basics.


Please click on the image below. It is a PDF that contains visual samples of Bill’s work and a list of past and current clients. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Bill if you have questions or comments.

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