Having been a photographer and making my living as such for well over 40 years, I have experienced a wide (and wild) range of project requests and challenges. As I am strictly a commercial/advertising professional, I have been privileged to work with many talented folks whose job it was to build their brands and inspire their audiences. Whether business to business or direct to consumer, the images I create are a visual platform for your message and brand.

That said, when I consider a project, I evaluate the client’s needs, the production challenges and the potential for a successful outcome.

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I evaluate if I am able to meet and exceed expectations - and - I look into my heart to see what I can deliver that will make the outcome special, even extraordinary.

To that end, displayed in the slide show above is a mix of my fine art imagery that reveals a bit of my visual soul - displayed here to reveal work about which I am so passionate.

Also, a catalog of some recent fine art work is viewable by clicking on the PDF below. Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to look.